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BW-Fixators® Series RK

for machine tools and heavy equipment

... for the levelling, adjustment and fixation of machinery and other heavy equipment

The Background:
It has always been a custom in the BWF organization to strive for technological advancement and to adopt innovative methods. This Model Series RK, therefore, reflects the latest standards of mechanical engineering and the benefits of decades of technical know-how and experience gained in this particular field.

The Results:
BW-Fixators® in the Model Series RK are fully consistent with industrial requirements and have all the properties and features specified by the industry today.
Their load-bearing and moving parts, including the guide members, are all made of high-quality lamellar graphite cast iron and treated with molybdenum disulphite to ensure smooth operation for years. Their weight-supporting surfaces are designed so that the permissible maximum load may be exceeded for a brief period without affecting their workability as a whole, e.g. during the initial stage of levelling heavy-weight equipment.
BW-Fixators® in the Model Series RK are easy to operate and to adjust with precision, thus substantially reducing the time taken for the installlation of a machine.
Readjustments required due to foundation displacements and shrinkage or ground settlements can also be made conveniently within a short time. Numerous attachments and extras considerably extend the range of applications and versatility of the units in this series.

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