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Machine-Installation with BW-Fixators®

BW-FIXATORS are readjustable levelling elements for machine tools and other mechanical equipment. Permitting easy and satisfactory installation and a reliable connection between the machine and its foundations. Due to various causes, shop foundations will always shift and deform in the long run so that the use of BW-FIXATORS cannot be dispensed with because they permit full compensation for such displacements anytime without difficulty and expensive downtime. BW-FIXATORS of the "RK" series primarily are suitable for machine tools whereas the "S" series has been developed for large workholding table panels on the shop floor. A multitude of extensions and attachments (variants) allow of their optimum adaptation to any service conditions encountered.

For lighter machinery and second-floor installation we recommend our BW-FIXATORS of the "LK" type.

Series of specific units have been developed for generators, turbines, compressors, etc.

  • Actuated connection between machine and foundation
  • Simple and economical installation
  • Low-friction and thus exact adjustableness
  • Sufficient adjustment height with all employments
  • Function guarantee by sufficient protection of the adjusting elements
  • Universal possibilities of adaptation at cases of application
  • Sufficient security against unintentional overloading
  • Security against arbitrary adjusting
  • Small indulgence by full edition of all basic surfaces (no edge pressing)

3D models of the BWFixators® in STEP or IGES format are provided on demand.

Series RK
for machine tools and heavy equipment

Series LK
for anti-vibration
installation of machines

Series S
for floor plates

Series MS
for electric motors and compressors

Series LS
for light machinery and additional sets

Series SW
for absorbtion of
horizontal forces

Series D
for sealing holes

Series EK
for machine tools

Oil tray installation
Series RK

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