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BW-Fixatoren® Instructions

for the mounting of machinery on BW-Fixators in the RK series


  1. BW-FIXATORS, when received on site, will all have the same veritcal adjustment.
  2. BW-FIXATORS have been given an anti-corrosion treatment (do not wipe with grease)


  1. The foundations with recesses for the anchor bolt holes should be cast in one operation and at least one month before the machine is to be erected.
  2. Level variations in the finished foundations should not exceed ± 10 mm. The strength of concrete must be consistent with DIN Standard No. 1045 (Foundations)
  3. Free the foundations from dust and oil and thoroughly clean out the anchor bolt holes and recesses, doing away with formwork splinters and other foreign matter.
  4. Keep the anchor bolt holes and recesses well wet before starting the grouting work.
  5. Make the BW-FIXATORS ready as described.
  6. Clean the sole of the machine bed.
  7. Keep grouting frames in readiness if the BW-FIXATORS are to be grouted on top of the foundations.

Such compounds are setting relatively quickly (3 days), non-shrinking, resistant to oil, offering high early and final strength and easy to handle. Follow the supplier´s instructions carefully. Our recommendation: PAGEL V1.

Positioning BW-FIXATORS by ...

... pre-installation
... attaching to the machine
... levelling procedure

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