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BW-Fixators® Levelling Procedure

  1. Lower the machine upon the BW-FIXATORS.
  2. Use the BW-FIXATORS to pre-level the machine neutrally, i.e. with anchor bolt nuts slack, toa precision of aprox. ± 0,02 mm.
  3. Use an ordinary hex head wrench to tighten the anchor bolt nuts BY HAND (see table).
  4. Give all set screws in the BW-FIXATORS one right-hand turn to obtain extra anchor bolt prestress. The set screws must also be turned if higher prestressing force should be required in the anchor bolts (see table).
  5. Level the machine up to final precision, taking care to make upward adjustments only, as far as possible, to prevent the loss of anchor bolt prestress.
  6. If the machine should need re-levelling some time later, repeat such upward adjustments, if possible, against the thightened anchor bolt nuts.
  7. If the "upward" levelling of the machine should be impracticable or uneconomical ( if only one point must be levelled downwards for instance), proceed as follows:
    1. Use the set screws to pull the BW-FIXATORS down, thus producing a visible gap between the spherical washer and machine bed sole.
    2. Use the anchor bolt nuts to push the machine bed down and beyond the level to be obtained.
    3. Again, use the set screws to raise the BW-FIXATORS until the desired level has been reached.

When pulling the machine bed down, make sure to avoid excessive tension in the anchor bolts. A torque wrench should be used for this work. If the yield point of the anchor bolt material is exceeded, some adjacent BW-FIXATORS will possibly have to be readjusted, too, in the manner described so that several anchor bolts will be engaged in the downward thrust.

The permissible clamping force and torque values can be taken from the PDF (Download: PDF, 120 KB).

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