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BW-Fixatoren® Installation Service

Pre-installation of BW-Fixators®

A special service of Fixatorenbau Bertuch & Co. GmbH is the pre-installation of the BW-Fixators®.

In this procedure the BW-Fixators® will be measured and grouted before the machine arrives. The drilling of anchor holes could also be done by us.

The measuring device is a laser tracker with the following accuracies:
x-y-direction: ± 0,5 mm
z-direction: ± 0,2 mm

Advantages of the pre-installation

  • Precise measurement with a laser tracker.
  • The machine can be set and aligned immediately after arriving.
  • No waiting time due to concrete or grout curing.
  • The position of the machine is predetermined by BW-Fixators®.
  • Due to precise setting of the BW-Fixators® only minimal alignment is needed
  • Large cost and time saving.

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