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PAGEL V1® Grout


  • controlled and even expansion with a rigid bond between concrete foundation and machine base plate
  • high early and final strength:
    24 h: 52 N/mm², 28 d: 90 N/mm² (20 °C)
  • low modulus of elasticity in connection with high bending strength:
    24 h: 6 N/mm², 28 d: 12 N/mm² (20 °C)
  • resistant to cracks even when having a low w/c-value
  • resistant to freeze/thaw cycles, waterproof, resistant to oil and petrol
  • pumpable and easy to pour - even when having low temperatures
  • externally tested and factory quality control according to the "Merkblatt für Vergussmörtel" ("Leaflet for Grouts") (DBV)
  • permission for use in drinking water areas
  • "Allgemeine bauaufsichliche Zulasssung" ("General Constructional Permission") No. Z-3.21-1461 (DiBT) for the Additive-Concentrate

Examples of Application

  • grouting height 20 to 70 mm
  • universal-grout for precision machines of any kind
  • anchor screws, leveling units and sole plates
  • turbines, generators, compressors, diesel engines and other power equipment operating under heavy vibration
  • steel and concrete columns
  • prefabricated concrete units and structural steelworks
  • bridge bearings and construction joints
  • crane rails and radio telescopes
  • stell and blast-furnace plants as well as mines
  • paper plants, chemical plants and refineries

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